While you would think that the escape room craze would have been left behind with 2017, if anything it's more alive than ever in 2018. It's no secret why it's still one of Toronto's favourite pass times considering escape rooms in the city continue to get more and more elaborate.

Though there is a brand new escape room that seems to be the cream of the crop for any escape room connoisseurs looking for their latest challenge. 

Via Proxima Command

The spot in question is called Proxima Command and boasts a "real starship simulator" that many are comparing the USS Callister from the most recent season of Black Mirror. While the experience is definitely catered to sci-fi fans, anybody can check out and enjoy the experience, and if you're lucky, escape in one go! 

Via Proxima Command

The spot features a video and audio experience set inside a venue that looks and feels exactly like an actual spaceship from the movies, and you get to experience it all  as the crew of the "Starship Odysseus." The experience follows your team after escaping "the prison of the secret Alphian League Base," your ultimate goal? You've got to destroy the base and board your ship back to safety. 

Via Proxima Command

The experience lasts around 55 minutes and costs players $25 plus tax, but it's clear that this kind of escape room is priceless! While there is only the one episode available for groups to play, it's been noted on the website that new episodes are in development so you won't have to wait long for many other episode options in the near future! 

You can visit the starship at 253 Christie Street or find out more about the escape room by checking out their website by clicking here

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