In an interesting take on celebrating the spookiest holiday of the year, Google Canada chose to select the country's most haunted and scary locations. 

Listing historically haunted places like the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City and creepy hotels like The Fort Garry in Winnipeg, Google named some of the most frightening places in almost every province across the country. 

One particularly spooky location from Ontario made the list. The province is no stranger to ghost stories that range from haunted old hotels and historic sites to sinister old streets that seem harmless by day but terrifying by night. 

But according to Google Canada, the "spookiest" location in Ontario is in fact a restaurant. Or more accurately, a restaurant that was once a house. Or even more accurately, a house that was a mansion. 

We're sure you've figured it out by now. The spookiest Ontario spot is none other than The Keg Mansion

For many Torontonians, this shouldn't come as a huge surprise; there have been many claims over the years that the restaurant is haunted. And although we can't verify this claim for ourselves, here's a little backstory on how this restaurant got its reputation of being a mansion of horror. 

Before it was The Keg Mansion, the historic building was called Euclid Hall. Built in 1867, the mansion was occupied by the Massey's, a very well-to-do family that made their fortune selling farm equipment. 

During the time that the Massey family lived at Euclid Hall, many deaths occurred. First, their daughter Lillian Massey died of disease. After her death, one of the family's servants hanged herself in the front foyer, both out of grief and because of a dark secret her and Lillian were keeping. And finally, a little unnamed boy fell down the mansion stairs and died shortly afterward. 

There have been many reports by guests and workers that the second floor women's bathroom is definitely haunted. And according to staff, a little boy is often seen playing on the stairs by families who bring their children with them to the restaurant. Apparently children often tell their parents they want to "play with the boy on the stairs." 

But as if that isn't creepy enough, staff reported that one of the spindles from the wooden bannister fell off in the middle of a busy night at the restaurant and landed on the bar top. Nobody was hurt, but management couldn't figure out how it broke off and fell. Nonetheless, the spindle was fixed and the document reported in the company repair log. But then exactly one year later the very same spindle fell off the bannister railing again! 

With that said, cheque please! 😱

Source: The Globe and Mail, Vice 

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