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This Vegan Joint Is Opening Up 10 New Drive-Thru Locations In Ontario

This is huge!

With the vegan lifestyle on the rise, new restaurants to get your favourite animal-free food are opening like crazy. But there's one place that's taking the reigns when it comes to getting authentic vegan cuisine without the typical restaurant wait times. 

Globally Local markets themselves as vegan fastfood and their menu has an assortment of delicious options to choos from. They've got all day breakfast, tacos, wraps and salads, and even a burger that rivals the Big Mac. They know eating vegan doesn't mean sacrificing the flavour of all your favourite foods. 

@globallylocalfastfoodembedded via  

@globallylocalfastfoodembedded via  

They're taking the trendy out of eating vegan and making it widely accesible with their 10 new locations. So far, they have three open spots in London, and with a menu like theirs, it's already worth the drive. But to spread that vegan goodness across the province, they'll be opening 10 more. 

Locations for the new drive-thru have not yet been announced, but the 24-hour spot has added a franchise section to their website so it's doubtful that they'll only stop at 10. 

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@globallylocalfastfoodembedded via  

The main goal is to make eating vegan easy—and delicious—so that people with busy lives can adopt the lifestyle with ease. Even if you're not vegan, you're welcome to own a franchise just so long as you uphold the values the restaurant has. 

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Check out their website for more info on when and where those locations will be opening. 


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