It's not new information that Canadians love Tim Hortons. Whether you visit for the food, the treats, or just a good old' cup of joe, Tim's is a staple in the diets of Canadians. 

That's why it's always exciting when the coffee company creates a new product to try, like their brand new breakfast sandwich. As part of Tim Horton's expanded fall menu tell the biscuits to step aside so you can try their brand new Belgian Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

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Via Smart Canucks

While Tim Horton's already gave our American neighbours a taste of the sandwich with the "Maple Waffle" version, Canadians can expect two Belgian waffles, slathered with egg, sausage and cheese. The sandwich is only available for a limited time but if you were a fan of Tim Horton's donut breakfast sandwich then this is definitely for you. 

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It didn't take long for the new sandwich to gain attention from Canadians online since Tim Horton's is a very important part of our lifestyle. 

The waffle sandwich is actually being met with some mixed reviews. Some people think that the sandwich is an instant classic that should be kept year-round, while other Canadians think the new addition is a waste of money. 

Other Canadians pointed out that a waffle breakfast sandwich is basically the exact same as the McDonald's McGriddle. A McGriddle sandwich is made an egg, cheese and bacon or sausage, while served on two pancake style buns with maple syrup pockets. 

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It seems like Canadians cannot reach a verdict on whether the new sandwich at Tim Horton's is worth your money. Considering the sweet and savoury combo, Canadians with a sweet tooth should definitely give this a try. 

You really can't go wrong with a breakfast made up of waffles, sausage and eggs, so why not eat it all on a sandwich?

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