Thousands of people from the GTA, perhaps even Ontario will be gathering around the C.N Tower to celebrate the official release of the Pokemon GO app in Canada. The party will kick off today (Monday July 18th 2016) at 8:00 pm and will continue on the C.N Tower grounds till 12:00 am.

After the sought-after rally, the festivities will continue at Good Game Bar, Toronto's very own e-sports bar that is known to host video game tournaments while serving craft beers and custom cocktails. For all Pokemon GO fanatics, here's a little secret that might get you excited. Good Game Bar will be providing LURES all through out the night!

The popular gaming app has contributed $ 7.5 billion dollars to Nintendo's market value. This sky rise success has beat the highest one-day surge since 1983 for the gaming company. Imagine how many people are engaging in this smash hit?

According to the Facebook event page, there are 10K people interested in going, and 3.1 K have confirmed they are attending.

For more details check out the official Facebook and Twitter event page:

Pokemon Go Canadian Release Party 


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