A Toronto charity foundation has had its license revoked after an investigation by Canada’s Revenue Agency revealed that it might be supporting a terrorist organization. The Anatolia Cultural Foundation, a relief group that supplies resources in Syria, was linked to the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) a group which the Canadian government has branded as a terrorist organization.

 “The PKK is an organization listed as a terrorist entity in Canada,” the CRA wrote in its official statement according to Global. “As such, concerns exist that the organization’s resources may have been used to support the political efforts of the PKK and/or its armed militia groups.”

The PKK stands accused of actively engaging in guerrilla warfare against the Turkish military, even going as far as to attack homes, schools, and businesses in the country. The terrorist group has also been known to attack similar targets in western European cities.

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The President of the Anatolia Cultural Foundation, Illhan Ulutas who registered the foundation as a charity back in 2011, lashed out against the accusations which strongly suggest that his organization had helped provide resources to the PKK. Ulutas is currently looking into appealing the decision to revoke its status. 

Details about the PPK’s activities can be found on Public Safety Canada’s website. “It has also been known to bomb resorts and kidnap tourists in an attempt to destabilize tourism in Turkey. On April 11, 2017, the PKK bombed a police compound in Diyarbakir, Turkey, resulting in the death of three people, including one police officer,” the website reads.

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Days ago, it was reported that several Canadian members of ISIS that fled Canada to join the infamous terrorist group have been detained in Syria and are now attempting to seek refuge in the country they willingly abandoned. The RCMP is currently communicating with Turkish police to have the Canadian-born ISIS members transferred back into the country so they can be prosecuted.

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