Did you know you could be fined for careless driving on a bicycle? Under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act (HTA), bicycles are classified as vehicles and therefore cyclists are subject to the same charges as drivers for HTA offences.

Fines for distracted driving on a bicycle range from $400 to $2,000, depending on the number and severity of the offence.

There's also another bylaw that warns of $90 fines for individuals riding their bicycles on sidewalks if they are older than 14.

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Such regulations are in place to help ensure safe conditions for cyclists and drivers. But some Torontonians think the focus should be more on the latter than the former.

Chris Selley of the National Post wrote an insightful column in which he elaborates on this further. "How to make Toronto safer for cyclists? Focus on the motorists," his headline reads.

"Politicians who propose laws targeting distracted pedestrians, licensing cyclists and other inanities deserve to be hooted at."

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At the same time, Selley thinks it's still important to watch for inappropriate conduct by cyclists and pedestrians.

"Focusing on cyclist and pedestrian behaviour isn’t the wrong approach because there’s no problem there," he writes. "The majority of the 543 cyclist fatalities and serious injuries since 2007 were 'driving properly,' according to police records, but many of the rest had run lights or stop signs or otherwise put themselves in danger. Roughly half of pedestrians killed were doing something they technically shouldn’t have been."

There have been over 93 cyclists and pedestrians killed in Toronto over the past two years, and some people are partly attributing the cause to weak laws. Do you agree with the bylaw that fines cyclists for 'careless driving?'

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