Toronto will see sunny days, a few cloudy days, and some rainy periods throughout December, but will ultimately be blessed with snowfall during Christmas week.

According to, colder temperatures in the period between Dec. 20 and Dec 28 will set up the perfect conditions for falling snow to remain on the ground. It was predicted earlier that a White Christmas was in store for the city, but no snowfall was included in those forecasts for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Dec. 20 and 21 will bring precipitation that will only cause a few centimetres of snow to build up. It’s only until Dec. 22 and 23 that the city is really hit with a bout of flurries, with as much as 11 cm of snow likely to accumulate during that time. uses up-to-date climate models and data to come up with its forecasts. To see their methodology for long-range forecasts, click here.

Stay tuned for more updates on the weather story for Christmas this year 

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