I think it's safe to assume that if you clicked on this article you're a matcha enthusiasts, and honestly I can't blame you.  Matcha Tea & Dessert has come to Toronto to fuel your addiction, in every way imaginable.

Craving auji matcha? They have you covered.

How about a matcha red bean Swiss roll? Because they have that as well.

Or maybe even a matcha lava cake? Well, you're in luck! And for those of you refusing to say goodbye to ice cream season, they also have matcha soft serve.

For those of you looking to plan a visit, you'll need to head to their new location at 407 Spadina Ave.  Once you're inside you'll be greeted with the mouthwatering smell of fresh baked goods and their super modern decor!

Feel free to drool over a few of the photos below... 

via @laughliveat

via @adventures.diary

via @call_me_zheng

via @fourfeetten

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