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Serial has quickly become the most-downloaded podcast in the history of podcasts. For those unfamiliar, it's a This American Life spinoff that follows the real-life 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee in Baltimore Maryland. Each episode gives new details of the investigation, and the hosts of the podcast are learning new details of the case only a little bit ahead of the listeners. Its gained so much popularity that new people have recently begun coming forward with information about the cold case.

Toronto homicide police, inspired by this, began posting details of a 2011 murder case on Twitter, in the hopes that crowd sourcing the information would lead to new leads.  Detective Tam Bui has been tweeting using the hashtag #mikepimentelmuder. He's tweeted photos of the crime scene, a woman who the police hope to identify and question, and several key pieces of evidence.

The murder being investigated is that of Mike Pimentel, who was killed on New Years Eve in 2011 in Liberty Village. Pimentel was at a party with two friends, before he eventually got separated from them, got into a confrontation with a man and a woman, and was stabbed to death.

The pieces of evidence Det. Bui has released are pictures of a hair extension, a high heeled shoe, and a set of keys with a distinctive key chain. He is hoping that releasing this information to the public will help the department close this case. Find more details about the case in the Toronto Star's breakdown here.


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