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This Reckless Mistake Made By Toronto Hydro Is Putting Toronto Drivers In Serious Danger

NOPE, this is not okay!

Driving in downtown Toronto is stressful enough already. But, clearly Toronto Hydro thinks drivers can handle a bit more of a challenge. An image posted on Twitter last week shows a giant cement utility pole planted directly in front of three road signs, making them completley impossible to see.

The obstructed signs face drivers heading westbound on Shuter towards Sherbourne. The signs notify drivers of an upcoming bike lane on their side of the road. Another sign warns drivers not to turn on a red light. Both of these are vital to people's safety, and could earn you a hefty ticket and demerit points.

Via @PedalPapa, Twitter

"Shuter at Sherbourne, northwest corner. No right on red, no trucks, bike lane. Nothing drivers might need to know," the tweet reads, tagging Toronto Hydro and 311 Toronto, the city's service hotline.

311 Toronto responded shortly afterwards with, "Hello, Transportation Services has been notified to investigate this matter."

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One city official in charge of city traffic signage has provided the media with an update on the situation. He said that Toronto Hydro put up the pole as part of its pole replacement program, but the wires haven't been transferred to it yet.

Hydro is only required to contact the city once the wires are put up, and only then do road signs get moved around. But, in this case, the city official claims that the signs will be transferred to a more visible spot as soon as possible.

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But, that explanation wasn't good enough for the Twitter user who posted the photo. He tweeted at them again on Tuesday saying, "This seems like it was a workflow issue... the city gets notified when wires get moved, not when the pole gets installed. Great example of poor coordination of services." Toronto Hydro didn't tweet back.

To see the full conversation, click here.

Source: The Star

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