2018 has been the year of scams, as fake e-mails and texts have plagued the country. Most recently, Hydro customers across Toronto have been the victim of numerous fake scams across the city. From fake Amazon e-mails to CRA scams, scammers have found creative and sneaky ways to gain your personal information, including their credit card numbers.

Unfortunately, the end of 2018 is no different as Toronto Hydro has just released a tweet to warn Torontonians of scammers who are posing as Toronto Hydro representatives in attempts to steal your personal information and payments. These scammers have even been seen going door to door while posing as Toronto Hydro employees and demanding money and bitcoin for overdue hydro payments. 

In the tweet, Toronto Hydro warned, “Scam alert! Criminals posing as Toronto Hydro are sending fraudulent texts/emails/letters,” and listing ways that Torontonians are able to protect themselves from these scams.

There are a number of ongoing scams that have been targeting both residential and business owners around the GTA which include the usual fake emails, text messages, and phone call. Yet these scammers are also sending out fake electricity bills as well as heading door to door as well.

These scammers threaten to disconnect your power if your bill payment is not made. Many of the scammers often ask to be paid by pre-paid credit cards as well as bitcoin. Yet, Toronto Hydro warns the public that they never accept pre-paid credit cards or bitcoin payments.

Toronto Hydro also warns that they never threaten to cut power immediately and would not reach out to you demanding payments using these scare tactics.

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Users may also receive scams in the form of texts or emails that are offering to e-transfer you money from Toronto Hydro. Toronto Hydro wants not to click on or accept any e-transfer that looks like it is coming from Toronto Hydro.

 They are also advising to avoid sharing any personal information in person or on the telephone and to check and compare the bills you receive in the mail by checking the amount and account number are correct. They also warn to never make payments related to Smart Meter Deposits, as those fees do not exist, and are just terms that are being used in attempts to scam money from users.

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Twitter users have taken to Twitter to share their stories of the scams that they have received from Toronto Hydro throughout the year.

If you receive or experience any fraud-related activities, contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre or Toronto Hydro Customer Care.  

Source: Toronto Hydro 

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