Another Earth-shattering announcement rocked the Raptors last night after it was revealed that Atlanta Hawks star point guard Jeremy Lin would be joining the Toronto team. Fans of the team were, of course, bursting with excitement that “Linsanity” would be throwing on a Raptors jersey and bringing some of the magic that he brought to the Hawks over to the six.

Lin seemed just as eager to kickstart his career with the Raptors, taking to his Instagram on Monday evening ahead of his official signing with the hashtag #WeTheNorth". Raptors fans flooded social media this morning to broadcast their excitement over the news of another star player joining their ranks.

Lin’s presence will give the Raptors an interesting dynamic; it will be interesting to see how he works alongside point guard Kyle Lowry. Lin has racked up an impressive average of 11.8 points in 457 career games over his NBA career, and he’s also had three other playoff runs with both Houston and Charlotte, Sports Net reports.

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The past couple of days have brought upon a whirlwind of emotions for Raptors fans. The news of Lin’s signing comes on the heels of the recent trade of beloved centre Jonas Valančiūnas for Memphis powerhouse Marc Gasol, which had fans torn; excited for the gaining of Gasol but devastated by the loss off city favourite Valančiūnas.

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Lin remains at the moment a free agent but is expected to officially join the team sometime midweek with the player’s agents likely to wrap up the buyout with the Hawks today.

Lin is no stranger to switching franchises as he has been a part of eight since his NBA career began, shooting hoops with the likes of the Knicks, Rockets, Hornets, Lakers, Nets and the Warriors.

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