An old theatre is back in town next month, this time with a new look and feel. The Cinesphere, which was once a Toronto theatre from the 1970s, will be open to the public this November.

As part of the projects underway to revamp Toronto's waterfront,the city has decided to repurpose this nearly 50-year-old building to draw crowds to Ontario Place. Architects and developers are working to revitalize the waterfront into a downtown park that will host shows, sporting events, and now the theatre that will host regular events and screenings.

Built in 1971, the Cinesphere is the world’s first permanent IMAX movie theatre. It was recently renovated in September for TIFF, but the renovations were quick and temporary. Now, the team handling the revitalization of Ontario Place is working on improving renovations to the entire building and surrounding area.

The team envisions a multipurpose space that can be used for a variety of events as the world changes, including temporary events like shows and exhibitions, as well as possibly using the space for film screenings, which have been inaccessible to the Cinesphere for a very long time.

This golfball-esque massive theatre at the heart of Ontario Place was initially created in Toronto as a response to Montreal's massive Expo 67 in (you guessed it) 1967. Now the challenge will be maintaining the integrity of the old iconic building while still reimagining it in a way that carries it forward into the 21st century.

Details regarding the overall design and event programming are still in the works, but a formal announcement will be made this week by provincial government that will hopefully fill in the blanks about when exactly we can start watching flicks in the 'Sphere.

Source: The Globe And Mail 

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