An altercation broke out on the 8-acre turf of Canoe Landing Park in Fort York on Tuesday after a Toronto man confronted a group of dog owners. The man, who filmed the entire altercation, appeared to be attempting to expose the pet owners who were violating Toronto’s Municipal Code by allowing their dogs off leash in an unsanctioned area.

In the video, the man can be seen slowly approaching a gathering of dog owners, commenting as he goes. “Oh, there is one leash, alright! Twenty-five percent,” the man says in reaction to one owner, who is the process of leashing his dog. The owners then confront the man for filming them as one of the dogs approaches the man before the video cuts out for a second.

Moments later, the man tells the dog repeatedly to “f—ck off” as he questions the owners about whose dog it is. A few moments later, one of the dog owners responds that it's his before swatting the camera out of the man’s hand. He can be heard saying “Don’t f—cking lay a finger on me motherf-cker!” before the video cuts out.

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According to Toronto’s Municipal Code, the owners could face a fine of up to $260 for allowing their dogs to be off leash outside of a designated area. Canoe Landing Park does not permit dogs on its turf.

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Torontonians seemed to be torn on the issue, with some stating that the man should have called 311 instead of trying to confront the owners. Others suggest that the dog owners’ arrogance is the real cringe-worthy factor of the video:

Via Youtube

Whatever your opinion on the video, it goes without saying that the city has laws for a reason, and we should all do our best to abide by them.

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