Photo cred - CBC

Jordan Axani, the dude who made headlines about a month ago because he was looking for a girl with the exact same name as his ex girlfriend to go on a trip around the world with, has finally found his match. Axani and his then-girlfriend, named Elizabeth Gallagher, had bought tickets for their around the world trip at a discounted price in May. When they eventually broke up, Axani decided he didn't want the tickets to go to waste.

He posted on Reddit, asking if another Elizabeth Gallagher would be interested in taking this trip with him. His reasoning was that the tickets would only be valid under that name, but that passport information hadn't been required when they booked the tickets, so it wouldn't matter which Elizabeth Gallagher ended up picking them up.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of people thought his offer was pretty creepy, but he insisted that the trip would be entirely platonic, and that the girl didn't even have to spend any time with him apart from on the flights. He got thousands of emails, 18 of which were from women named Elizabeth Gallagher, and has now finally settled on one.

Elizabeth Quinn Gallagher is a 23-year-old student living in Nova Scotia. She has a boyfriend- who's apparently not stoked on this month-long trip she's taking with a random dude, but is grinning through it because he knows how much she loves traveling. She also insists that the trip will be entirely platonic, and is just excited that she gets to go on what would be an incredibly expensive vacation for very little money. Let's hope they both have a great time.


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