Toronto Police are currently looking for a suspect who knocked a guy out cold before attacking an employee at A&W recently. In a video posted by police, the suspect is seen getting into an altercation with another man who he then sucker punches. 

When the victim is lying on the ground unconscious, the suspect then turns his attention to one of the A&W workers. According to police, the sucker demands that the worker erase the security video before attacking him. 

The worker was approached by the suspect who demanded that the security video of the incident be deleted. He then pushes the worker who appears to tell the man to get out of the restaurant. 

The suspect reportedly fled the scene on foot. From the video, it looks as if he may have been at the restaurant with other people, but the police don't name them as suspects in this assault. 

In an earlier release from Toronto Police, put out on November 27th, they say that they were called to the scene around 1:19 AM, responding to an assault call. They also released a clear image of the suspect's face in that news release. 

Ironically enough, the video that the suspect allegedly demanded be erased is the exact video that police have now made public in hopes of identifying him. He is described as being approximately 30 to 40 years old, medium build, with a beard.

Toronto Police are hoping that by releasing the video someone will be able to identify the suspect. They are asking anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers, the police, or leave a tip online. 

The incident took place back on November 12th at an A&W restaurant at Queen Street and Lansdowne Avenue around midnight. The video is only now being released as part of the assault investigation. 

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