As if this weather hasn't been destructive enough, it's gone and done the unspeakable - cancelled a sacred event, the Leafs tailgate party at the Maple Leafs Square to be exact. 

The outdoor viewing party for tonight’s playoff game against the Boston Bruins was suddenly cancelled after the extreme weather from the weekend trickled into today and didn't let up.

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This morning, the Leafs made a statement saying, “Due to dangerous conditions following the ice storm in Toronto this weekend, and with the safety of our fans in mind, the fan tailgate party in Maple Leaf Square for tonight’s playoff game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins has been cancelled.”

The organization is also urging ticket holders to tonight's game to skip driving in favour of public transit - just to be on the safe side. 

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Raptors fans should also note that the Square could be shut down tomorrow and the playoff festivities cancelled as well, if the weather continues to be so volatile. It is being said that it all depends on now the next 24 hours go. 

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At the moment even the neighbouring CN Tower has been shut down due to the risk of falling ice. And the Rogers Centre has been experiencing dangerous falling snow and ice from the building's roof. 

Which leaves all of us wondering... where the hell is Spring?

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