A new report names Toronto as the top city in the world for tech enthusiasts and innnovators.

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The report was released by Teleport, a start-up company that gives people advice on which cities to live in. They mentioned several benefits of pursuing tech initiatives in Toronto, particularly its comparatively high Internet speeds and plethora of relatively affordable work spaces.

It also doesn't hurt that Toronto's crime rates are low and that the air is proportionately clean (these factors may help with motivation and productivity).

Tech companies can also benefit from the surplus of talent in Toronto. They can hire skilled employees at almost a third of the cost compared to other tech savvy locations such as San Francisco and New York. Toronto isn't a tech hub yet, but more and more software developers are moving to do business in the city, so the growth is rapid. That being said, now might be a good time for tech companies to capitalise on the city while it's still booming.

Toronto could also do a lot of things to give itself more of a competitive edge against other tech cities. Free public Wi-Fi and better transit for commuters, for example, might help attract more developers to move to the city.

Other Canadian cities that have gained recognition for technology and innovation include Waterloo, Vancouver and Montreal.

Way to go, Toronto!

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