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Kitty Lovers Rejoice! Wednesday October 29th will be the most puurrrfect of days, National Cat Day! The day, which we feel should be a statutory paid day off work, is meant to be a celebration devoted entirely to your four legged feline friend.

So what exactly is National Cat Day? Well, 2014 marks the second year that the day has gone international after being started in the US in 2005 by Colleen Paige, a pet & family lifestyle expert (we want that job). It started as an initiative to make people aware of the high number of stray cats that are in need of rescue homes each year and engage people in a desire to help out. Not to mention it's an excuse for beaming pet owners to show off their cats without the eye rolls from evil animal haters with no souls non pet owners.

To get you excited about National Cat Day, here are some fun feline facts!

Cats spend 2/3 of every day asleep, so if you do the math a 12 year old cat has really only been awake for 8 years of its life- Sign us up to be a cat in our next life, please!

They spend 1/3 of the time they are awake, cleaning themselves, so fresh and so clean clean.

A cats brain is more similar to a human brain than that of a dog (silly pups)

Cats have 24 more bones in their bodies than a human does- what the what?

To celebrate National Cat Day with us, share pictures of the furr ball in your life with us on Twitter @NarcityToronto or on Instagram using the hashtag #PurrTO, Always encourage your friends to adopt not shop when they're considering expanding their family and check out the Toronto Humane Society to see how you can get involved and help find the city's cats a home. The Toronto Humane Society estimate that the number of homeless kitties in our city is between 20,000 and 100,000 so let's get involved and convert someone into a cat lover today!

For more information on National Cat Day visit the official website & Check it out on Facebook

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