Toronto Predicted To Get A Lot More Rain In October And November

At least it's not snow.

Despite a number of forecasts predicting milder fall and winter weather for Toronto this year, the city could be met with greater incidences of rainfall and snow showers in the upcoming months.

Accuweather's extended forecast for Toronto still shows a number of relatively sunny days throughout October, with only  a few rainy days in the first and last weeks:

Via accuweather

 But it's November that gets the most rainy days this fall. Some weeks in the month are even expected to bring successive days of rain and cloudy conditions.

The first signs of flurries or snow showers are predicted to occur on November 21. Such will continue through to December and are not expected to be heavy snow falls:

Via accuweather

If there's any silver lining to this forecast, its that Toronto will see no temperatures in the negatives in October and November (except for some nights in November).

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