Photo cred - Robert Snache

You already know Toronto's full of hot young people, but now, there's a study that proves it. Youthful Cities is an initiative that was started in 2012, based on the information that 50% of the world's population are under the age of 30, and 50% of the world's population live in cities. Decode, the organization that put the study together, wanted to use it to highlight the fact that young people are the source of societal progress, although their opinions tend to be undervalued.

Enter Youthful Cities, an initiative intended to explore which cities in the world not only have a higher youth population, allow young people to do their thing the most freely. The index's they use fit into three categories: live, work, and play. Basically, how easy it is for a young person to get by. So, get out there Toronto, and keep being your awesome selves!

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