Toronto To Get More Snow And Extreme Cold Weather For The First Few Weeks Of 2018

The Weather Network reports a chilly start to the new year.

Sorry Toronto, it’s not over yet - minus double-digit temperatures are expected to remain for the first part of the new year.

The extreme cold weather alert, which was lifted sometime on Monday, has been re-instituted for Toronto by Environment Canada. Extreme temperatures of up to -30 C blanketed multiple cities across southern Ontario by Tuesday afternoon, and a series of snow squalls are expected to follow on Wednesday evening.

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While the GTA is only expected to get less than 3 cm of snow, other parts of Ontario could receive as much as 15 cm. Here's what The Weather Network reported:

  • GTA: Less than 3 cm  
  • Eastern Ontario: 2 to 5 cm  
  • Georgian Bay and Lake Huron: 5 to 15 cm  

As temperatures slowly rise to single-digit negatives, a cold Arctic air system will make its way southward to the aforementioned regions to close off the week. Wind chills are expected to remain in the extreme minus double-digits:

"A renewed blast of frigid air on Friday and Saturday will plunge temperatures closer to minus 20, with dangerous wind chills into the minus 30's,"  says The Weather Network.

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