Photo cred - Timothy Swinson

A University of Waterloo student is facing criminal charges after hiring a York University student to impersonate her and write her math exam for her. She allegedly paid him $900 for the service, and even forged Waterloo ID for him so he'd be able to get into the exam room without a hassle.

This obviously didn't work out so hot, and Kaiwen Qian, the Waterloo student, spent the night in jail for her efforts. If she is found guilty of forgery and impersonation, she will likely be expelled, and because she's an international student, if this happens, she'll more than likely get deported.

Longhua Wang, the male York PHd student who wrote her exam for her, faces the same charges, but at the very least has the security of his Canadian citizenship to protect him. It looks like its been an all around shitty couple of days for the both of them. Qian is said to typically be an attentive student with generally high grades, so the fact that she felt the need to go to lengths like these really speaks to just how much pressure she feels to excel.


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