Everyone knows that beauty fades with age. But after investing $3.2 billion taxpayer dollars into the TTC subway expansion, you'd think the striking appearance of Toronto's newest subway stations that were unveiled for public service at the end of 2017 would still look somewhat brand new two years later.

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In December of 2017, six new subway stations were added as part of the Line 1/Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension Project, intending to ease traffic congestion, improve air quality, and combat climate change.  The TTC was confident that the subway extension would achieve these goals by increasing an estimated 36 million transit trips and eliminating 30 million car trips per year.

The province, the City of Toronto, the federal government, and York Region all contributed to the massive cost of constructing the new stations:  Downsview Park, Finch West, York University, Pioneer Village, Highway 407, and Vaughan Metropolitan Centre.

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Take a look at the current state of the new stations, in video footage taken by CTV News:

Via CTV News

Via CTV News

Via CTV News

Commuters have been noticing that despite the fact that the stations are barely a year old, the station walls don't exactly look new.

TTC reportedly knew that the water table that is responsible for the wall damage was high when the line extension was being constructed and insists that commuters need not to fear any imminent danger due to water in the walls. The water damage is visible at York University and Downsview Park stations.

Commuters have not been sitting quietly about how disappointed they are in observing the stations' wear-and-tear.

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One woman said to CTV News, "It's a little surprising that there's already so much damage."  Another complained, "We pay a lot of tax dollars, I guess, to build these stations."

Two commuters voiced their concerns online, writing "I feel like the artist rendings of these stations should include leaks" and "...the new stations are cheap rush jobs that were neither cheap, nor rushed."

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