With Christmas just over a week away, the weather forecast is now out and it doesn't look good for Toronto. If you're dreaming of a White Christmas or walking in a winter wonderland this holiday season, you should probably keep dreaming. 

According to the seven-day forecast for Toronto, over the next week, the city is in for milder temperatures and very little snow. We're even due for some rain on Friday which pretty much guarantees that we're getting a green Christmas.

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Right now in Toronto, the temperature is 3ºC but feels more like -1ºC. Tomorrow will be pretty much the same but then Wednesday is when it gets warmer. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday will all have temperatures around 5ºC which are really mild for this time of year. 

On top of the warm temperatures, there is no major snow in the forecast. In fact, Toronto is due for 10 to 15 mm of rain on Friday. That said, there is still some snow in the forecast, but not much. 

Friday's rain will turn to snow as the night gets colder, and we're expected to get about 1 cm that day. Then on Sunday night and Monday morning, which is Christmas Eve we are getting about another centimetre of snow. 

That goes to show that a White Christmas really isn't likely this year in Toronto, but it's not completely impossible either. The Weather Network is also predicting that there will be a cold weather pattern moving across Southern Ontario next weekend. 

This could be promising since cold patterns often bring some kind of active weather with them. However, they also said that they can't say for sure if that active weather would be rain or snow, or if there would be anything at all. 

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If there's any good news to come out of a green Christmas, its that you won't have to worry about driving through a snowstorm to get your last minute shopping done or spend your holidays shovelling snow. 

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