Yesterday two separate people died while commuting on the TTC subway, in one incident police allege that a man was pushed into the path of a train at Yonge station yesterday morning.

In the other a person was killed by a train at College station, police have classified the incident as a suicide. 

With both of these tragic incidents happening on one day it’s leading Torontonians and even some city councillors to push for barriers to be installed between the platform and the subway. 

Barriers on subway platforms aren’t uncommon in the world, many cities in Asia have them on their subway systems so prevent anyone from falling off an overcrowded platform and onto the train tracks. 

Quite a few people took to twitter after yesterday’s events to voice their hopes that the TTC will put some sort of structure between commuters and the tracks. 

Others aren’t quite as sure though, pointing out that installing barricades at every single station would cost a lot of money for the transit organization. 

But most are concerend about how crowded things become during big delays. 

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TTC spokesman Brad Ross says that the cost of installing some sort of barrier across the subway system would be “a significant amount of money.”

He admits though that about 24 people commit suicide on the tracks every year.

Still, people see yesterday’s tragedies as a chance for the TTC to improve its image in Toronto. 

Barriers couldn’t be installed across the system tomorrow though. There would have to be a design process as well as budget approvals.

So if the TTC were to do begin putting up some sort of barriers it would likely take years.

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