The City of Toronto has just released plans to build a brand-new island to revitalize Port Lands and it looks amazing! You've probably heard all about it, the city has plans to create an island in the city to combat the flood-prone area of Port Lands.

Villiers Island will be an 88-acre piece of land that will be accessible to all via streetcar and bike lanes at New Cherry Street, which will connect the island to the rest of Downtown Toronto. This island will be home to wetlands, parks, trails, amenities and even new homes that will work together to create an eco-friendly environment that will allow citizens to escape the 'concrete jungle'.  

Villiers Island is expected to be a prime destination for everyone. The main goal is to fill the island with affordable housing (something that Torontonians haven’t heard for a while), and mass amounts of green space that will turn the industrial wasteland of Port Lands into something of a mini-vacation, all while ensuring that the usually flood-prone area becomes completely flood resistant.

Don’t plan your trip to this new island just yet. The Port Lands Flood Project will take approximately seven years to create and roughly $1.25 billions of funding. The project will start with redirecting the flow of the Don River into both the Keating Channel and a new river valley. Once the water has been controlled and an island that doesn’t currently exist takes shape, all that is left to do is build the new community that will highlight the amazing waters of Toronto.


Considering the massive amount of flooding that has occurred in the past few years, it’s almost impossible to think of a new island becoming a center piece of Toronto. Yet, Waterfront’s director of communications, Andrew Hilton, ensures CBC News that flooding will not be a problem, “If we weren’t absolutely positive that this solution would be able to withstand the impact of a 100-year flood, then we wouldn’t be here. We are 100 percent confident,”.

Now all that’s left to do is wait. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau travelled to Port Lands via water taxi with Premier Kathleen Wynne and Mayor John Tory to announce the project, and it has now become a reality that all of us have to look forward to!

Source: CBC News, Blog To

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