If you’ve ever walked down Queen Street, chances are you’ve stopped and stared at the Condom Shack.

It's risque windows, large animated condom and colourful walls are hard to miss. But unfortunately, the days of passing by it on your morning commute, or stopping by for a naughty purchase or two, are coming to an end - today.

Toronto's most iconic sex shop is closing down today after 25 years of selling adult toys and novelties on Queen West.

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The sad news broke earlier this month, when a For Lease sign and a pretty sad looking condom could be seen in the store window. 

"Yeah, we're bummed, too," a sign posted to the famously colourful store's front door read. "Thanks to our customers, neighbours and community for the past 25 years of support and friendship. Long live the Condom Shack."

The reason for the closing is due to "high commercial rent" and the minimum wage hike, among other factors, according to reports. 

And customers are sad to see it go:

Say goodbye to the Condom Shack, friends. It's the end of an era.

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