Photo cred - Paul Henman

As we've reported earlier, the sun is coming back. For the first time in many months, sunset is happening later today than it did yesterday, which is great news for anyone who isn't nocturnal. The winter solstice isn't officially happening until December 21st, however, and Kensington Market is ringing it in with the same festive spirit they have for years.

Jugglers, stilt walkers, giant puppets, and musicians are all coming out to give you a show to remember, and help you celebrate longer days from here on out. It's also the only parade where "city officials allow fire on such a big scale," according to Living Toronto reporter Elizabeth Cinello. Who doesn't love a little fire, guys!

The parade starts at 6pm this Sunday December 21st at Oxford and Augusta, and ends up curled around a giant bonfire at Alexandra park.

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