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Toronto’s Most Iconic Discount Store Is Making A Comeback And It’s Not Honest Ed’s

BiWay is making it's way back into Toronto.

People were devasted when Honest Ed's, Toronto's infamous discount store closed its doors on December 31st, 2016. As it turns out though, Honest Ed's wasn't the most iconic discount store to grace the city streets. 

BiWay was a super popular nation-wide discount store. Chances are though if you were born after 2000, or even slightly before then you probably don't remember it. That's because 15 years before Honest Ed's closed, BiWay shut down in 2001. 

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Don't worry though, it's coming back! One of the original founders of BiWay, Mal Coven announced he is officially opening a BiWay location in Toronto next summer. If you're like us and don't really remember the original stores, here's what it will be like. 

The BiWay store will have a large variety of products including housewares, clothing, food, toiletries, and toys. The best part is that everything in the store will be less than $10. 

That's where the Honest Ed's comparison comes into play, especially for those of us who don't remember BiWay. The store has a huge variety of items but has always been a bit more expensive than other dollar stores like Dollarama, just like Honest Ed's. In today's market though these under $10 prices are a steal. 

Despite the low price, Coven says they never had junk and they won't at the new store either. While he doesn't go into detail about what exactly they will sell at the new Toronto location, it's going to have quality, branded goods. 

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The 7500 square-foot store is set to open in North York in August 2019. IF everything goes according to plan Coven is also hoping to open four more locations over the next two years. 

The idea of five brand new discount stores is exciting enough on its own but especially considering the news that some Toronto students are literally dumpster diving to get their food. With that in mind, these brand new Biway discount stores will be a welcome budgetary relief! 

Source: CTV

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