Spadina-Fort York City Councillor Joe Cressy announced on Twitter that the City of Toronto has confirmed that Vaccine Choice Canada's dozens of anti-vaccine billboards will be promptly taken down.  This news follows the outpour of criticism by concerned Torontonians who condemned the anti-vaccine advocate group's "harmful" and "deceptive" promotional campaign.

The billboards - which suggested vaccines pose undue risk for children and that children do not require vaccinations to attend school - were at the centre of today's heated debate among city residents.

Carly Zipp, a spokesperson for Outfront Media - the agency responsible for the billboards' operation - confirmed in an email to The Globe and Mail that the billboards are now removed.  However, she refused to answer any inquiries regarding the billboard or the decision to ultimately take them down.  Vaccine Choice Canada has not yet responded to The Globe's request for comment.

The VP of Vaccine Choice Canada, Ted Kuntz commented via Facebook that Outfront Media notified him that the billboards would indeed be removed. He also confirmed that the billboards were up for the duration of one week and generated countless impressions.

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“This campaign has been an absolute success and everyone should be proud of all we have accomplished!” Mr. Kuntz wrote on Facebook.

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