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Holiday-action never seems to end, because when one festive celebration ends, the road to another begins. Such is the life of consumer-capitilist culture, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Halloween may only last for another 24 hours, but right after comes the dawn of Christmas season, and The Bay is ready.

Each and every year, the downtown Toronto branch of Canada's iconic Hudson's Bay Company goes all out with their legendary Christmas window display. The east side of Yonge and down Queen West becomes a veritable winter wonderland, with an ornate Christmas scene set up that would make old St. Nick grin with admiration.

Already teasing us and building anticipation, the Queen street Bay has set up a long red curtain hiding their probably-already-setup Christmas display. Quoting the most creepy part of that classic Christmas song ("He sees you when you're sleeping" makes me shudder everytime) the cover also notes the display will be out for all to enjoy come November 1st, so tomorrow.

Be the first to snap a selfie with The Bay's legendary Christmas display by heading to the store tomorrow when it is first unveiled. Your rep as the most festive friend in your group will be secured.

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