Photo cred - Robert Taylor

There's a lot of changes coming to the world of Toronto commuting. Bike Share Toronto is getting 20 new bike stations, more streetcars are going to start allowing all-door boarding, and fare inspectors are going to start packing. They aren't being given guns, but the TTC is equipping them with batons and handcuffs, in order to, I guess, use on fare evaders.

Some people have been pretty down with this idea. If you're not planning on trying to sneak on to the TTC, then you have nothing to worry about. There have been detractors though, who say that it's pretty dangerous that we're allowing TTC operators the authority to enact violence on the civilian public.

As it stands now, TTC enforcement officers have the training and authority to arrest someone, even if they themselves haven't witnessed them committing a crime. One could see there being more of a problem with unfair now that even more TTC employees will be given that right.


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