Woodbine Racetrack is about the closest thing you can get to a casino near downtown Toronto right now seeing as, well Toronto doesn't have a real casino in the vicinity whatsoever.

It does seem slightly strange to say that, seeing just how big the city is and that Pickering of all places is getting a casino in the very near future, but that’s the way things are right now.

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Woodbine is currently in the process expanding its operations though, and that means a whole mess of jobs will soon be up for grabs there. And when we say a whole mess of jobs we mean TONS of them.  

Woodbine is adding a full casino and hotel by the year 2022, that’s just 4 years from now.

The two massive additions to the racetrack mean that Woodbine will need 500 more staff to help everything run smoothly.  

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Yes, 500 jobs coming to one place.

Within 2 years of the hiring process Woodbine says that 50% of those positions up for grabs will be fulltime roles.

Which in the economy we’re living in now with many people only able to find contract and seasonal work is a great thing.  

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Woodbine will also be paying the city $31 million a year once the casino and hotel are open, so it’s not just Woodbine Racetrack that will benefit from the new additions.

So if you’re taking some kind of course in hospitality right now or are planning to in the next couple of years then good news, it looks like there will be plenty of jobs for you to apply for.

Source: Toronto Star

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