In a landslide victory, John Tory has been re-elected as the Mayor of Toronto.  While John Tory's campaign was obviously very successful, now the people of Toronto want to know what's next on the agenda and what Tory plans to do for the city. 

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Tory is already back to work at City Hall, showing up at his office this morning and holding a meeting with some of his senior staff to address his agenda. But what is it? 

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John Tory's main campaign promise was leadership, saying that the city needs strong leadership and he's going to provide that. In his platform he also outlined how he has done that in his first term from 2014 to today, mentioning that he has made the city more livable and affordable since then. 

He specifically mentions speeding up construction projects, the various ways he claims to have improved transit and also highlights that he secured $9 billion in investments for the city from other levels of government. 

All that said, John Tory's campaign doesn't present exact plans for how he will continue to lead the city, but it can be assumed he will keep doing what he's been doing for the past four years. 

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Another major issue that Tory has mentioned throughout his campaign is transit, which he also talked about in relation to his leadership. In his platform not only does he mention that they have developed and continue to form Transit Network plans, but he also goes into specifics about those plans. 

John Tory gives details about a number of transit projects, some he has already begun and others he wants to start still. He mentions specifically the Downtown Relief Line subway, the Eglinton West LRT to Etobicoke, the King Street pilot project, the Scarborough subway and Eglinton East LRT, and a Smarttrack station in Liberty Village. 

Finally, he mentions that he will not only make sure those projects fit into a bigger vision for the city but that they are completed and worked on at the same time to speed things up, rather than tackling only one project at a time. 

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Taxes are an important issue in an election and that's why John Tory made it part of his campaign. Not only does he mention that he's successfully kept Toronto property taxes at or below inflation, but he also mentions keeping taxes relating to waste and water low in the city. 

He also goes into detail about squashing a proposed "roof tax" in the city that would have charged residents more taxes to help pay for the city's storm systems. According to Tory, it was a big move for him to kill this proposal from City Hall. 

He doesn't give specifics on what he will do with this moving forward, but he does give more details on the property taxes he has kept low over his first term which suggests he will continue to do that as his next term moves forward, though he doesn't give details on how. 

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Despite Mayor Tory campaigning on these promises, he doesn't give a lot of details into how exactly he will make this happen, but since he's already back in office, it's pretty clear that he is eager to get to work on these issues. 

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With that being said too, even if Tory has a solid agenda he wants to push forward, he will need at least 14 of the 25 councillors to also be on his side in order to vote for any matter he brings before the council, meaning whether or not his plans actually come to fruition is pretty much out of his hands. 

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