For anyone who commutes into the city on a daily basis, they know just how expensive those transit costs can be. If you take local transit within your city, plus a GO train or bus, plus a TTC vehicle, you can end up spending hundreds of dollars a week in transit fares.

Mayor John Tory's office has realized that this is an issue for many GTA commuters and have found a way to team up with GO transit and TTC to save riders quite a bit of money on thier weekly transit expenses.

Going forward, anyone transferring from the TTC to the GO or onto the Union-Pearson Express will receive a $1.50 discount off the fare price. Also, if you've paid for a GO or UP Express fare, you'll receive a $1.50 discount off of your TTC fare.

Don Peat, the spokesperson for Mayor Tory told the CBC, "This is the first step in fare integration, not the only step and not the end of the story, but a great beginning".

So who will compensate the $1.50 commuters are saving per ride? The provincial government has stepped up and will reimburse the TTC for the money lost on the discounted fares, meaning the TTC's budget will not be affected by the new deal.

Source: CBC

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