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TTC Authorities Warn That Significant Subway Delays Are Expected During Morning Rush Hour This Month

TTC Line 1 service between St. Clair West and Union will be slow this January.

This morning, the TTC's issues and relations management specialist, Stuart Green, revealed that commuters are in for delays on Line 1 for the next two weeks. Green says that morning subway service on the TTC will be slow this month to accommodate track maintenance. Service will be impacted on the TTC's busiest subway line through Thursday, January 24th.

"Trains have to follow a go-slow order in place n/b between Union and King as we prepare to replace 1000 feet of rail on that screechy turn," Green says. His note warns travellers on the TTC that inbound subway trips could be impacted " as far north as St. Clair West".

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The maintenance work is clearly quite extensive, as Line 1 is shutting down all weekend long between St. Clair West and Union. On January 12th and 13th,  crews will continue to install the new Automated Train Control (ATC) signal system. Which according to the closure notice, will "help the TTC improve capacity by allowing for increased trips on the line." Shuttle buses will run as they normally do during subway closures.

Needless to say, Toronto commuters are not pleased about Green's sudden announcement. 

To these tweets, Green replied, "We were tweeting, announcing and issued service alerts as often as possible. We'll have to increase frequency. Thanks for sharing."

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Green didn't specify how long these morning delays might take, and how much extra time travellers should give themselves to arrive at their destination on time.

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Thankfully, the TTC's Service Alerts Twitter feed is pretty reliable for immediate service updates.




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