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Two Toronto Women Blocked A Massive Lineup Of Streetcars To Protest The TTC Last Night (VIDEO)

Toronto women blocked a massive lineup of streetcars to protest the TTC last night and things got really dramatic.

In a shocking video taken in the city yesterday, Toronto women blocked a massive lineup of streetcars to protest the TTC last night because they were mad about the service they were getting. The women were standing in the middle of the road, right in front of a bus that was trying to finish its route. As their protest carried on, streetcars continued to pile up behind the bus, creating a huge blockage and delay on the system. 

From the video, it appears that the protest was sparked by the fact that the women had been on a 504 streetcar expecting to go all the way to Broadview when the route short-turned and ended at Parliament instead. They then allege that all the streetcars that came after did the same thing, meaning they couldn't get home. 

In a move of pure anger and frustration, they at some point the women decide to block a bus in the road and that's when the situation gets more dramatic. Other people on the street get involved, yelling at the women that they have no empathy or conscience because of the delay they are causing. When one person yells at them about how bad the delay they've caused is, they simply say "good." They also tell the women to "f*ck off". 

Eventually, a TTC inspector is called to the scene, but even upon his arrival, the women still refuse to move. Instead, they continue to block the traffic while yelling at the inspector about their issues and about how the TTC provides no service to people. 

The inspector keeps asking the women to come to talk on the sidewalk, out of the road. They refuse for several minutes until he is finally able to convince them to move out of the way, saying that he also doesn't want to be hit by a car. 

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The situation was not only dangerous and dramatic but was a major inconvenience to several commuters. Based on the surrounding in the video, the blockage was on Queen Street, just west of Broadview, which is confusing since that was where the women were hoping to go in the first place. 

None the less, the protest also happened on one of the coldest days of the year, with people being forced to wait for their streetcars which were piling up in -25°C temperatures. 

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It is unclear how bad the delays were since the TTC has not commented on the incident anywhere. It is also not yet known whether the women will face any repercussions for their actions last night. 

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