Drivers in Canada know that being on the road is difficult, whether it's due to other drivers, bad weather, or constant construction on Canadian roads. But more recently, two local women are warning Canadians that they were driven off the road for a completely different reason. Two women from Ontario are warning drivers in the GTA about a man in a blue Pontiac who tried to follow them and run them off the road on Sunday, November 11th. 

The two women, who are sisters, were driving home in the town of Whitchurch-Stouffville, just North of Toronto in York Region when they came across a blue Pontiac that was driving abnormally slow. The story was posted on Facebook as a warning by their best friend. 

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This is when the story gets freaky. The pair of women became suspicious of the blue vehicle because the man driving the car faked a right-turn and started to trail behind them. Once they realized that this person was following them, they did not want to go home and lead the driver directly to their house. 

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They decided to pull into a nearby parking lot, next to an Ultramar gas station off of Highway 48 and Aurora Road. When the women pulled into the parking lot, they noticed that the man had once again stopped driving and was waiting for them to come back out onto the road. His car did not move as he waited for them.

The women made the choice to attempt to pull out of the parking lot and drive home when the man in the blue Pontiac drove full speed at them, attempting to run them off the road. After this, they claim that there is a full five-minute chase between the two vehicles before the women pulled into the nearby gas station, honking their horn for help. 

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Once pulling into the gas station, the driver continued to try and hit them while driving in between the pumps. The post explains that the man eventually gave up driving at them and sped away, which they believe he did after he realized they had him on camera.  

Via Falon Testa l Facebook

According to the Facebook post, York Regional Police have been contacted about the event and are investigating. Even though the event is being investigated by York Region police, no footage from the gas station nor a press release is available with more detail at this time. 

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During the whole event, the driver and her sister were on the phone with their mother, who they eventually asked to call 911 as they thought they stated they thought they were going to be killed. While they were on the phone with their mother, the women in the car also dialled 911. They also were honking their horn at the gas station to alert attention to the clerk to do the same. 

The Facebook post does share a warning to other drivers who may face a similar situation in the future. While the women are lucky that the gas station has security cameras as evidence, had they not noticed the driver following them the situation may have been much worse. 

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If you recognize the vehicle in the post you can contact Falon Testa, who posted the story on Facebook, or the York Regional Police through their non-emergency contact number at 1-866-876-5423

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