Uber has officially blown taxis out of the water with their new #UberIceCream promotion. 

Today, July 14th, Uber "Sweetcars" will be on route form 11am-3pm delivering icecreams in the downtown core, also allowing UberEATS-app holders to join the Uber Sweetcars, with loads of Magnum giveaways! You can hop on board either at Yonge and King or Yonge and Queen to join their route, which you can look in detail at here.

For those not in the downtown core, worry not. 

Uber has you covered. Toronto, Mississauga and even Ottawa have the option of getting 3 Magnum bars delivered right to their door with Uber instant delivery. UberToronto is also partnering with G for Gelato and Scoop Shop for some limited time deliveries for those who are craving a bit more than a chocolate dip.  Uber Kitchener, Waterloo and London will not get free icecream sadly, but do have the option of ordering 3 Magnum bars for a reasonable $5.

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