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Anyone who recently finished undergrad will tell you that it's a tough job market out there. Youth unemployment is higher than usual, and there is an upsurge in young people moving back in with their parents after graduation. Job hunting can be so brutal that it'll drive you crazy if you let it. But one former U of T student isn't going down without a fight.

Xingyi Yan is posted up on the corner of Bloor and Church with a big sign that says "U OF T GRAD FOR HIRE. TAKE MY RESUME & GET A FREE CHRISTMAS GIFT." She graduated from U of T with a degree in commerce last summer, and has been furiously searching for a job since. She's now 21, and has sent out hundreds of resumes since she entered the working world. For her efforts she's gotten a handful of interviews, and exactly zero jobs.

As Yan explained to the Toronto Star, "This is my way to show my passion." The U of T grad came to Toronto as an international student from Shenyang, and is now on a three-year work permit. She wants to find a job soon so she can begin applying for permanent residency.

Yan is determined to stay on the street until someone hires her. She's equipped with candy canes to give to prospective employers who take her resume. She wants a job in the marketing world, and figures this is the best way to market herself differently from her competitors. Whether you agree with her tactics or not, you gotta admire that hustle.


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