VIA Rail is offering exclusive new deals as part of their weekly sale event.  For Canadians that have caught the travel bug, VIA Rail's Discount Tuesday is the perfect opportunity to book your next trip - and trust me, your wallet will thank you! The Discount Tuesday special offers reduced fares on select routes in Economy class from coast-to-coast, and the sale will end tonight at midnight.

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VIA Rail's one day only offers are listed on the company's website, but here's a sneak peek at a few of the outrageously cheap ticket prices that will be available to Canadians until the end of today:

  • Montreal to/from Toronto from $45.00
  • Montreal to/from Oshawa from $45.00
  • Cornwall to/from Toronto from $45.00
  • Ottawa to/from Toronto from $45.00
  • Smith Falls to/from Toronto from $45.00
  • Oshawa to/from Ottawa from $45.00
  • Brockville to/from Toronto from $45.00
  • Kingston to/from Ottawa from $43.00
  • Kingston to/from Montreal from $42.00
  • Kingston to/from Toronto from $42.00
  • Kingston to/from Oshawa from $42.00
  • Montreal to/from Quebec City from $34.00
  • Montreal to/from Ottawa from $34.00
  • Quebec City to/from Ottawa from $45.00
  • Toronto to/from Niagara Falls from $18.00
  • London to/from Toronto from $34.00
  • Bathurst to/from Montreal from $78.00
  • Saskatoon to/from Vancouver from $194.00
  • Edmonton to/from Jasper from $87.00
  • Moncton to/from Montreal from $103.00

Prices are valid for either direction, however, please note that only the one-way cost is listed above.

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This is a reminder that these unbelievably low sale prices are valid for booking on Tuesday, March 5th only. Travel must be between March 9th and March 15th in the Quebec City-Windsor corridor and between March 9th and April 12th on long-haul trains.

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