So as you probably saw yesterday on social media the ice storm that hit southern Ontario last weekend caused a whole mess of damage to just about everyone.

It even managed to close down the CN tower down because ice was falling off it. And some of that ice falling off the CN Tower clearly blew on to Rogers Centre and it put a giant hole in the dome's roof.

The Blue Jays had to cancel their game against the Kansas City Royals yesterday, this never usually happens because the roof keeps the weather out.  

Yesterday though the weather came crashing through the roof and landed on the field so of course 2 people had to go up and fix it today.

And someone caught it on film.

There’s a job most people probably don’t want to do. Walk outside on a curbed dome with ice and wind and snow. 

The video of the 2 workers walking on the roof is officially enough to give anyone with a fear of heights a mini panic attack.

You can see them walking on the curved part of the roof before opening and disappearing into some hatch in the roof.

Despite the complete terror of walking on the roof it seems as though they managed to do their job right. 

The Jays are scheduled to play a doubleheader today and according to the team’s twitter account everything is good to go.

So there’s baseball today thanks to these 2 fearless hero’s.

You can see the video below.  

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