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We Already Know If Toronto Will Have A White Christmas This Year

Will there be snow for Christmas 2018 in Toronto?

If you love snow, you probably are dreaming of a White Christmas. Even if you're not the biggest fan, you probs still want a snow covered Christmas anyways because it's just so magical. Snow and the holiday season always makes for a magical time. 

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If the anticipation for Christmas is killing you and you just want to know if a White Christmas is in your near future, we've got your back. Thanks to the 90 day forecast from Accuweather, we already know what weather is in store for Christmas 2018. 

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According to Accuweather, Toronto is expected to have snow flurries on Christmas Day. But there's also expected to be snow on December 24th, which means it's going to be a snow-covered Christmas Day in Toronto. Now we don't want to make any firm promises because the weather forecast can always change, but as of know, this is what's been officially declared for Christmas in the city. 

The weather forecast is calling for around 12 cm of snowfall total on December 24th and then a little under 2 cm of snow for December 25th. Boxing day is expected to see some snow as well, with around 3 cm of snow forecasted for December 26th. 

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Who excited for a White Christmas? But for now, Torontonians can enjoy the summer weather that's coming to the city next week while it lasts! There is forecasted to be some sun and temperatures in the mid-20s for the week of October 8th, according to Accuweather

Now watch a Toronto Zoo panda tumble in the snow 😍

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