Photo cred - Hilary Noack

An incredible Toronto woman is on a mission to open an all-female auto body shop in Downtown Toronto's West End. Who run the world? GIRLS! STRONG WOMEN!

29-year-old Hilary Noack told CBC that she knows there are enough women in the city who are intrigued by working on cars that she wants to open up a garage owned and operated by a team of fierce women. The shop, Ink&Iron, would be based in the city's west end with a focus on restoration and custom work.

"We hope that this will help break the stereotype that auto body is a ‘man’s job’ as well as encourage other young females to pursue careers in the automotive field" explains Noack, a graduate of Centennial College's auto body repair apprenticeship program,  on the her Indiegogo page and we love her for that.

The shop would also feature learning opportunities through apprenticeships for young women who need that extra push of confidence to play with the boys. This initiative could pave the way for a ton of other male-dominated fields to do the same and empower women to break the mould.

Show your support by contributing to the Indiegogo campaign here.

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