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York University Is Talking About Going On Strike And Here's What Students Need To Know

Here we go again...

While the Humber strike is long gone, it seems yet another Ontario school is about to follow suit and hold a strike of their own, this time it's York University. The news comes after York updated their labor website indicating an impending CUPE 3903 strike just yesterday, including an open letter addressed to concerned and confused students. 

While the university has been bargaining with CUPE 3903 for weeks, with offers continuing to get rejected it looks extremely likely that a strike will happen. The whole issue surrounds TA's and contract faculty who are prepared to go on strike in just five days if they don't get the deal they want. 

On the CUPE 3903 side, members who have contracts expiring in August are looking for York's executives to better address job security, protected funding for TA's and the maintaining of employment levels for graduate assistants. While both sides have been bargaining since January 8th, a deal has yet to be reached and it apparently has to do with York University's lack of budging. 

For concerned students, York has already made it clear that the university will remain open throughout the strike, if it ends up happening. Though some classes, labs and tutorials will be suspended temporarily if need be. Everything will be judged on a case-by-case basis so it will be important for students to actively check if their classes are canceled or not. In order to check if your classes will be up and running, the information will all be made available on your courses section of my.yorku.ca

While York doesn't give an estimation on how long the strike could last, they have encouraged students to keep up with their social media sites where the earliest updates are available on the situation as a whole. 

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