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You Can Bike Share For Free In Toronto This June

Time to go exploring!

Every Wednesday this June you can use Bike Share in Toronto for free! Mayor John Tory announced the promotion as part of his plan to make the city more bike friendly. 

Starting in June anyone can visit any of the 270 Bike Share stations on a Wednesday and borrow a bike at no cost to them, whether they want to get to work, tour to the city a bit, or just get some exercise. 

In order to take advantage of this deal riders can go to any Bike Share station in the city all day Wednesday. They then select the $0 pass on the screen and "purchase" it. There is a $10 deposit still which requires a credit card, but that is refunded when the bike is returned. 

Riders can then enjoy the bike for 30 minutes and return it at any Bike Share station, it doesn't have to be the one they got it at! If 30 minutes isn't enough riders can simply return the first bike and request a second one still at no cost. 

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Bike Share is getting more popular in the city, with over one million rides last years. Riders can buy different passes for the program, from day passes all the way to annual memberships. 

A day pass is usually $7, allowing riders to take as many rides as they want throughout the day, however if a ride is more than 30 minutes there are extra ride fees. The same rules apply for the $15 three day pass and the $90 annual pass. 

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John Tory said that he hopes Free Ride Wednesdays will show more people that Toronto is a great city to bike in. 

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