The wait is over, our friends at MTL Blog have found a way to play Pokemon Go in Canada.   You'll finally be able to live out your childhood dreams of being a real Pokemon Master!

For those of you who are a little out of the loop when it comes to Pokemon, we can give you a quick update.  Pokémon GO is game  that essentially lets you look for and capture your own Pokémon.  Here's the twist, instead of catching them in a Pokéball, you'll be catching them with your smartphone!

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The game uses your GPS and camera on your phone, and your mission is to locate the Pokémon on the map.  Once you locate your desired Pokémon you simply walk over to them, throw your Pokéball on the floor and the Pokémon is yours!

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Once you capture your new Pokémon you get to train it! Once your Pokémon is trained you'll be able to join other teams in order to battle and hopefully win more Pokémon, just like Ash Ketchum!

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If you're looking to join in, you'll need access to an Iphone or an Android. The app is free but is not yet available officially available in Canada so you have to download the APK mirror version in the meantime. MTLBlog tested it out and discovered that it works perfectly!

The app is free but is not yet available officially available in Canada. There are some ways to get around that.

Download Pokemon Go For Android Here

Download Pokemon Go For Iphone Here

Enjoy and good luck! :) 

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