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This Toronto Pizzeria Is Putting Drake’s Face On Their Pizza

It looks almost too good to eat... almost.

For those of you (us included) who have dreamed of going on a romantic date with Drake, your prayers have been somewhat answered thanks to a Toronto pizzeria.

Il Fornetto Pizza in Richmond Hill is now turning its pizza into beautiful works of art that feature the Toronto rapper's face on it, and it seriously looks almost too good to eat. Hello, look at that smirk?

via @pizza_art_salvatore.sauta

Known for its authentic wood fired pizza, Il Fornetto can recreate pretty much any kind of portrait or landscape on their pizza, and so far they've mastered Drake, The Weekend, DJ Khaled, Super Mario, as well as the Toronto skyline and even the Canadian flag.

via @pizza_art_salvatore.sauta

Each pizza is hand made by chef and artist Salvatore Sauta, who's passionate about fusing his love of art and cooking and creating one-of-a-kind pizza art that features his favourite Toronto themes,  celebrity portraits, and superheroes. 

via @pizza_art_salvatore.sauta

The next time you have a special event or birthday, we highly recommend giving Il Fornetto a call so you can get a customized pizza with your face on it! 

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